GEBUHR is a project founded by the danish brothers Mads, 19 (rapper) and Mathias, 22 (producer). Mads had an interest in singing since his early years and started writing his own songs after buying a guitar. Mathias started producing music in FL Studio at the age of 12 and has taught himself to play the piano over time.

By the time Mads turned 14, he tried out rapping and Mathias started producing hip-hop beats as a result. The brothers then teamed up and started creating music together while slowly building studios. Years went by as they fooled around in their beginner-studios trying out various styles and genres. In between 2015 and 2017 the brothers released 5 songs under the name Mads Gebuhr but didn't take it very seriously.

In January 2017 they then released their debut single 'Faded' as a duo under their new name GEBUHR, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Since then, everything has gone by fast as they’ve generated millions of streams on Spotify and hereby created a name for themselves. Their style can be described as lightly melancholic while maintaining a laid-back mellow vibe centered around emotional melodies with atmosphere and depth.